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SELAMAT   DATANG   ~~   Welcome   To   "ALAMAK'S"   Homepage

SELAMAT DATANG... means WELCOME. This Page is called


an exclamation expressed by Malaysian when they are surprised or shocked. Its sort of calling out for your mother. This page is dedicated to my wife Jeb and our children Nadiah and Safwan who love me more than other things in this world. Of course I love them too, very much. They are always by my sides during creating this Page. TERIMA KASIH for visiting us and we hope you have a good time. Terima kasih means thank you. OOOOOOPPPPSS! I forgot. I'm Abu - a very nice guy who is deeply interested in knowing other people and get known.

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Malaysia On Line
Something to be remembered
Malaysian newspapers on-line
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TM School On-Line
A must for country children
Legends In The Paradise
Wonders of Nature you can't afford to miss
Unspoilt Nature's Park
The Magnificent Gifts of Nature
Say it in Bahasa ( The National Language)
Great Advantage If You Know It
Malaysian Airline System
Superb Malaysian Treatment On The Air
Your Passport, Please!
Normal Procedures and Regulation of Entry
Your Embassy Is Here
They Are Like Your Father & Mother
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